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When speaking about eLearning, most automatically think about large, elaborate online platforms that host training. And while a Learning Management System is a great tool, your organization should adopt a variety of tools for an ecosystem of eLearning. These Administrator tools are often smaller, innovative, and less expensive, but can serve a great purpose in helping with your training goals. 

Ever wish that you could simply turn content you already had into usable modules within your LMS? Scormify quickly and cheaply allows you to do just that! This SCORM conversion tool instantly transforms learning objects, such as documents, videos, or PDFs, into SCORM-compliant training materials. For an in depth walkthrough of the system, check out our video on How to Create A SCORM Compliant Course Using Scormify. Scormify starts with a free trial ($0/month, 5 conversions), but we also offer Basic ($10/month, 10 conversions) and Pro pricing ($20/month, unlimited conversions).

Gamification makes learning fun! Explore this training option with Hoopla, who drives big, measurable gains in your team’s productivity and performance. With Leaderboards and Contests, your organization can leverage the competitive spirit of top performers with contests, challenges, and face-offs to drive performance across your teams.

Experts in microlearning, QStream’s goal is knowledge retention; to make learning stick. They work with over 600 customers and partners to improve employee performance with short, purpose-built challenges and video scenarios reinforce critical information and identify knowledge or skill gaps so managers know who, what and when to coach.

A smart Learning Content Distribution System (LCDS), this tool allows organizations to manage training content from a single, central location and easily share access to courses with third-parties. Conveyor has a free 30 day trial, with paid pricing ranging from $25 to $450 per month, dependent on your organization’s goals. Contact us today for more details!

Although not technically made for eLearning, Canva is an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to make anyone a designer. If you’re looking to make professional presentations, PDFs, pictures, or marketing materials for your training content, they have pre-made templates for everything.

Surge9 is an online content authoring tool that combines advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, to deliver microlearning programs to end users. Using microcourses, flashcards, daily practices, and questions, it can leverage coaching, knowledge reinforcement, and gamification. 

Creating training in small micro-doses is easy with mLevel. Their platform uses bite-sized chunks of information to deliver training content in fun and engaging activities, with gamification, leaderboards, stars, and badges. This data-driven digital learning platform gathers meaningful insights to enable you to operate your business more efficiently and effectively.

EduMe is a mobile-based platform focusing on training and communication. It has an easy-to-use content creation tool that allows you to build microlearning courses, quizzes, and surveys, which can easily be sent to end users’ devices and track progress.

A mobile training platform, TalentCards allows you to build microlearning courses online, and deliver them straight to your team’s smartphones. The company offers a commitment-free trial, and three tiered, affordable pricing ranging from $40 – $75 per month.

QuickQuiz is a Slack app that easily and quickly allows Administrators to manage, assign, and track quizzes through Slack, for microlearning. QuickQuiz has three-tiered pricing, starting with a free trial, with 1 quiz author. Our Premium tier is only $9/month for 5 quiz authors, and Pro tier is $14, with unlimited quiz authors.